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“The online sales results Karyn has created are amazing and I would unreservedly recommend any online shop to at least have an initial discussion with her, and then let her take your business to the next level!”Gaye Barlow - The Skin Care Clinic

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Why Facebook Ads?

There are over 2 billion active Facebook users including your ideal customers. People access Facebook every day on their commute, during lunch, after work (sometimes during), in the evening and if they are anything like my husband while on the loo! Facebook’s powerful targeting allows you to put your product in front of people who have an interest in what you’re selling as well as your existing warm audience.

Powerful Targeting

Facebook offers the most powerful targeting around. Target people based on demographics, behaviours and interests. Put your products in front of people who are looking to buy.

Re-target Warm Audiences

Target website visitors or customer databases using email addresses or phone numbers. Target or exclude people based on which pages of your website they visited.

Cross-sell To Existing Customers

Target customers based on what they buy. Show them products that they would love based on what they have bought already. If someone buys a charm bracelet showcase your charms.

Strengthen Relationships

Strengthen relationships with your best customers. Target those who spend the most or buy the most frequently and reward them with special offers.

Utilise Dynamic Ads

Target customers based on what they buy. Show them products that they would love based on what they have bought already. If someone buys a charm bracelet showcase your charms.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Over 70% of people who ad products to their shopping cart don’t go on to check out. Reduce the drop off rate by re-targeting people who abandoned their shopping cart with ads showcasing the products they were looking to buy.


Who is this chick with pink hair?

Hi I'm Karyn - Karyn with a Y! I quit my job when I was 24 to start my first business and soon spent over $80,000 in my first year advertising it in main stream media including TV, radio, billboards, magazines – you name it I was in it!

Once I ran out of money for advertising I turned to Facebook. I was amazed at the results when I started making more sales using this Facebook thing than when I was spending tens of thousands of dollars on main stream advertising. I was able to fine tune my audience and then target my product to them.

This is when my passion for Facebook marketing began. I went on to study and learn as much as I could about marketing and Facebook. I travelled to conferences and events all over the world and met some amazing people.

I now specialise in building Facebook ad sales funnels for eCommerce businesses and helping other entrepreneurs and business owners to scale their businesses and achieve their revenue goals.

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“Karyn is EPIC. She’s put together amazing Facebook ad strategies for Merrymakers that have seen hundreds of conversions and tens of thousands of click-throughs. Every time we launch something new, or create a new opt-in, Karyn has given us the advice and support we need to make Facebook work for our business. We recommend Karyn again and again as she makes everything so simple, she’s so kind and so professional. We LOVE working with Karyn and will continue to forever and ever.”Carla & Emma Papas - The Merrymaker Sisters