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Facebook marketing for businessHi, I’m Karyn, Karyn with a Y!

Do you have a business and you know you should be using Facebook better but you just don’t know where to start? You have a Facebook page, but don’t do much with it? Relax you’re in the right place.

I specialise in Facebook marketing and it is my passion to make it easy to understand so business owners can harness its power and grow their business with a minimal marketing budget.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was young, always coming up with ideas and developing them.

I launched my first business, moretas4less when I was 24. moretas4less is a tourism business which sells a discount card for people travelling to Tasmania.

I quit my job to start moretas4less and soon spent over $80,000 in my first year advertising it in main stream media including TV, radio, billboards, magazines – you name it I was in it! I had a large business loan and no target market which soon resulted in me spending all my money and not making any!

Once I ran out of money for advertising I turned to Social Media. I was amazed at the results when I started making more sales using this free medium than when I was spending tens of thousands of dollars. I was able to fine tune my audience and then target my product to them.

This is when my passion for social media marketing began. I went on to study and learn as much as I could about marketing and Social Media. I travelled to conferences and events all over the world and met some amazing people.

Many years later and now I focus all my time on my business, Karyn with a Y, helping business owners and entrepreneurs to use Facebook marketing to grow their business.

I release regular articles via this website, but the best place to find me is in my free Facebook group where I regularly live stream Facebook marketing updates.

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