eCommerce Case Study: Francesca

Francesca Jewellery began in 2011 as a jewellery stall at Salamanca Market in my home town of Hobart, Tasmania. After juggling a science law degree and her business, founder and designer Hannah Vasicek went on to open her first store in 2013. In 2014 Francesca began to grow rapidly and her younger sister Rachel joined the team. The dynamic sister due went from strength to strength going on to win the Tasmanian Telstra Business of The Year award in 2014. Francesca now have 3 stores with 2 in Melbourne and one where it all began in Hobart. They have a dedicated team behind them and continue to grow each year.

What I love

Not only is Francesca’s jewellery stylish and beautiful (a must have for any collection) the company also gives back to the community. $1 from every purchase is donated to I=Change, they have a monthly awareness bracelet that raises money for a selected charity and they have a special collection every year raising which donates 100% of the profits to Be Hers which fights modern day slavery.

Facebook Ad Objective

When Francesca approached me about Facebook advertising they already had a thriving business, with a retail store in Hobart and Melbourne. They had a good website and had dabbled in Facebook ads but were mainly boosting posts (naughty, naughty!) They wanted to reach a targeted audience of people, expanding their growth around the country and scaling their online business to new heights.

The Process

With a strict ban on boosting posts put in place I set to work on building a sales funnel using Facebook ads.

We took advantage of Facebook’s amazing targeting options and reached several new cold audiences with an impressive click through of over 2%.

The funnel includes using Facebook’s dynamic ads to re-target people based on the products they viewed. We then sent re-targeted website visitors with a series of ads introducing the different products ranges. This resulted in a 42.22% increase in website visitors making a purchase.

Potential customers were prompted if they added products to their cart but didn’t check out. This resulted in a 4.3% decrease in cart abandonments.

As with most campaigns we have made many changes since we first started testing and now have a funnel working like a well oiled machine with a beautiful return on ad spend of an average of 20X over the first 4 months. 

The Outcome


Increase in Website Visitors Adding To Cart


Increase in website visitors converting


Decrease in cart abandonment

X Average Return on Ad Spend