Accelerate your eCommerce store to 6 figures a month

Ultimate Facebook™ Ads Training Program For eCommerce Store Owners

Increase your revenue and have a consistent income stream from your eCommerce store

Do you have a great eCommerce store but you know you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible?

You’ve had some good months but you’re looking to make 6 figures a month consistently?

You’re ready to invest in your online store but you’re not sure where to start and don’t want to be throwing money at the wall trying to figure it all out?

You want to make the right changes to your website, run the best ads on Facebook and put it all together to create your dream business?

Congratulations, you’re in the right place! The eComm Accelerator™ Program is so much more than just a Facebook ads course. This program is designed to help you optimise your website for the best possible conversion rates, drive quality traffic to your store and create a sales funnel that purrs.

The eComm Accelerator™ Prorgam will teach you how to:

  • Drive new quality traffic to your website
  • Improve your website conversion rates
  • Lower your cart abandonment
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • Get free traffic from quality seo strategies
  • Implement a strategic Facebook ad sales funnel
  • Take your business from 5 figure months to 6 figure months

If you’re ready to scale your eCommerce store to the next level and enjoy consistent sales every week, the eComm Accelerator Program is for you.

Hands-on support every step of the way

The eComm Accelerator™ program is a small group training program. This means you have full support through the 8 week program with Karyn and her specialised coaches running live calls every week and active daily in the support group. If you have trouble along the way just reach out. You are also with a great group of people on the same journey as you to accelerate their eCommerce store revenue. This tight knit community adds so much value through supporting each other along the way.

Meet Your Trainers

Karyn with a Y


Superpower: Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Commander of the League of Accelerating Superheroes, Pink Fury is a Facebook marketing powerhouse for growing Ecommerce businesses. After grappling her way through her first ecommerce business, Karyn armed herself with an arsenal of marketing and Facebook ad knowledge
and strategies to supercharge her success (for less).

She now spins superior strength Facebook Sales Funnel webs that capture your most wanted leads and transforms them into buying customers.

Kaleb Ufton


Superpower: Website Optimisation

Kaleb eats data for breakfast. No, really – numbers are the Doctor’s power source. He’s worked for businesses from start up to multinational, helping to increase efficiencies in projects ranging from web development, system and process automation, to personal development.

Kaleb’s command of spreadsheet magic and data analysis has led to insights which resulted in savings of several hundred thousand dollars and the prevention of millions of dollars in losses. Knows how to optimise the website sales flow. Powerful guy.

Jo Mckee


Superpower: Copywriting

Chief of the Word Wranglers, Jo has worked with businesses from start-up to maturity, contributing to high-yield projects in eCommerce, Telecommunications, film distribution, marine tourism, business coaches, and nutrition.

Revered for her superior penmanship, Jo gets into your head to see the big picture; your ideal customers, your brand voice, and your product, and then smushes it together in a big vat that shoots out strategic, thumb-stopping, click-worthy copy that lures in customers.

Jake Stanley


Superpower: Search Engine Optimisation

The Hawk is a Master Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marksman, specialising in local search and trend analysis. Jake started out in the digital space working with art galleries, discovering the need for small businesses to get found online at the age of 15.

As a hard-working keyword hunter, he found his way to the StudioHawk nest, a boutique SEO agency. Jake knows how to execute a search engine campaign that’ll drive free traffic to your store and set you up to pounce on your prey… err, customers.

Jeff Minnichbach


Superpower: Graphic Design

Jeff is one of the most sought-after, reputable, expert ad designers online, designing 200+ supersized Facebook and Instagram ads every.single.month, including creative video ads. Jeff has solved the mystery behind Facebook images that pack a powerful punch.

He’ll be cluing us in on the best colours to use (and avoid), and his favourite designs for impactful ads. Art Man helps you create thumb-stopping static images and compelling animated video ads for superior performance.

Luke Parkinson


Superpower: restoring order 

The Luke is the luckiest man alive – he’s married to karyn! (this may or may not be written by karyn!).

Luke is in eComm Accelerator because – A. he really wanted to be a super hero too! and B. To ensure everyone has access to the course modules, can find everything they need, and will receive top-notch customer support throughout the program. He looks easily enraged (not a quality you want for customer service!), but we promise, he’s a big, ticklish softy inside.

If you have any questions at all about course access, how to get on the live calls, where to find a workbook, how many cars he can really bench-press – anything at all, just contact The Luke at [email protected].

Enrolments currently open

GST included for Australian residents

“Karyn, from Karyn with a Y, is a pleasure to do business with. Like all business owners I am time poor and, as such, I very much appreciate her prompt, professional and no non-sense approach to my needs. She knows Facebook, its advertising, and is up to date with the constant changes that Facebook makes. The online sales results Karyn has created are amazing and I would unreservedly recommend any online shop to at least have an initial discussion with her, and then let her take your business to the next level!” – Gaye Barlow, The Skin Care Clinic

Save Money On Your Facebook Ads

To set up a full eCommerce campaign, like the one you will learn in this course would cost between $5,000 – $10,000 with an average Facebook ad agency. Then management fees would start at between $2,000 – $5,000 a month. Over one year, at the cheapest end that’s

  • $5,000 set up
  • $24,000 in management fees

That’s $29,000 for the first year, $77,000 over three years. You could spend that to get your ads done for you, or you could learn how to do it all yourself, save yourself a bucket load and treat yourself to a holiday instead!

“Karyn is EPIC. She’s put together amazing Facebook ad strategies for Merrymakers that have seen hundreds of conversions and tens of thousands of click-throughs. Every time we launch something new, or create a new opt-in, Karyn has given us the advice and support we need to make Facebook work for our business. We recommend Karyn again and again as she makes everything so simple, she’s so kind and so professional.” – Carla & Emma Papas, The Merrymaker Sisters

The Skin Care Clinic results using this advertising strategy


Increase in Website Visitors


Reduction in Cart Abandonment


Increase in Number of Purchases

X Average Return on Ad Spend

Results based on the first 4 months. Read full case study here.
You could pay over $2,000 a month for quality Facebook ad management, or you could learn to do it yourself!
“Karyn’s training on Facebook is clear, informative and concise. Her deep knowledge of Facebook marketing strategies combined with her positive and passionate enthusiasm have helped me better market my business with Facebook.”

– Amanda Hoffman, My Office Books


Facebook Ad Graphic Design Training & Image
Image training with Facebook Ad graphic designer Jeff Minnichbach PLUS free image professionally created by Jeff’s team for your business! Jeff is a widely recognized graphic designer that specializes in Facebook ad visuals, animations and video ads.

$260 value

Enrolments currently open

GST included for Australian residents


eCommerce Ad Inspiration Portal

Be inspired with Facebook ad examples from eCommerce stores around the globe. See how the big brands are using Facebook ads to capture their audience and turn browsers into buyers.

$297 value


8 Weeks to accelerate your revenue

Hands On Support
Weekly live calls
“I love that Karyn’s training is broken down into easy to follow bite sized chunks. She takes what was once way over my head and makes it easy to understand. I can now put together even the most complex Facebook ad campaigns by myeslf. Thanks Karyn!”

– Karen Wojciechowski, Real Energy Food


Website optimisation report

Your website will be audited by superhero website optimisation specialist kaleb ufton AKA Doctor Data!

You will receive a full report outlining the top 10 changes to implement to increase your website conversions.

**Special bonus for one payment enrolments only**

$297 value

Total Value

Online training portal
8 weeks of hands on support
8 Live calls & replays
Private Support Community
Bonus #1 Image training & Image
Bonus #2 Ad Inspiration Portal
Bonus #3 Website Optimisation Report
Total Value…
$6,000 value
$1,597 value
$2,400 value
$297 value
$260 value
$297 value
$297 value
$11,148 value!

Total Value

Online training portal
$6,000 value

8 weeks of hands on support
$1,597 value

8 live calls & replays
$2,400 value

Private Support Community
$297 value

Bonus #1 Image training & Image
$260 value

Bonus #2 Ad Inspiration Portal
$297 value

Bonus #3 Website Optimisation Report
$297 value

Total Value $11,148!

Enrolments currently open

GST included for Australian residents

Access On Any Device

You’re busy running your store and always on the go, we get it. That’s why the course is built for any device, watch it from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and just pick up where you left off.


Which platforms will you be covering?
The course will cover how to install and set up the Facebook pixel and integrate a product catalogue on Shopify and WooCommerce. If you are using another platform but already have this set up then you could still follow along with the course.
Who is this course for?
This course is designed for eCommerce store owners and marketers looking to set up full Facebook ad funnels for their website. These funnels are designed to generate new targeted traffic, re-target website visitors and cart abandonment to increase website conversion rates and decrease lost sales. Along with Facebook ads you will learn about website optimisation, copywriting, email follow up and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
What do I need before I start?
You need to already have an eCommerce store on your own website and ideally proven products (have already made sales). The idea of this course is to build a sales funnel to get great quality traffic to your site, decrease cart abandonments and increase your overall conversion rate. You will not learn how to set up your website.
What happens after the 8 weeks?
The course is designed as a 8 week program to ensure you take action and do the work each week. 2 weeks are time off to catch up on training and give your ads a chance to run. After the 8 weeks you will have access to an alumni Facebook group and retain access to the training materials for the life of the program.