So you’re having a moment of procrastination and doing a little online window shopping, checking out a goregous necklace – guilty! Then reality sets in as you get yet another email and you click out of the site and back to work.

But then later that night you’re on the couch watching TV for some chill time scrolling your Facebook News Feed and THERE IT IS! The exact necklace you were looking at is just staring at you, begging you to buy it!

You may think it’s fate, or magic, or just a really good excuse to tell your significant other about why you just haaaad to have it! But actually it’s just Facebook re-targeting.

We live in a busy time when we’re all juggling 5 things at once and online shopping for nice things tends to take a back foot in priorities. So when someone visits your website they may do so with every intention of buying something but they simply get distrated or run out of time.

Re-taregting makes it possible for you to show an ad to people based on the actions they took on your website and invite them back to your store.

You can target people based on:

  • Pages they visited
  • Products they looked at
  • Products they added to cart
  • Products they purchased
  • The number of purchases they made
  • The value of their purchase
  • The number of times they visited your website
  • If they interacted with a post or ad

You can pair this magical re-targeting with dynamic ads to make something really special – an ad showing the EXACT product they were looking at, or had in their cart, just like the example above.

On average 68% of people who add to their cart don’t go on to check out. By using dynamic ads to re-target people who abandoned their cart you can drastically reduce this number and increase your sales.

Many businesses running Facebook ads spend all their budget getting new people to their website and often end up dissapointed with their results.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… most of the money I make for my clients is in the re-targeting and if I was only targeting new traffic I wouldn’t make them much return at all, if any!

In this example I spent $299.49 targeting ads to a cold audience and made… nothing!

But we had a re-tatargeting strategy in place and showed ads to everyone who visited the website and those who abandoned their cart and guess what…

We made $70.53 for every cent spent on the re-targeting ads!

So although we made nothing top of funel, we made a 70.53X return bottom of funnel which gave us an average return of $33.97 for every dollar spent, not bad eh?

Now if we hadn’t run re-targeting ads they would have spent $250, made no sales and threw their hands in the air “Facebook ads don’t work”. So if this has been you it may be time to put a re-targeting strategy in place and give Facebook ads another go.

When you start putting re-targeting ads in place it’s called a funnel. You are essentially guiding someone through your sales funnel with Facebook ads.

So let’s take a look at a basic eCommerce funnel:

Top Of Funnel

In the top of funnel we’re targeting cold audiences using Facebook’s targeting options, perhaps some lookalike audiences and broad targeting. These are all completely cold audiences which means they have never heard of your business, have not been to your website, are not on your email list and don’t follow you on social media. When they see you ad it will likely be the first time they have seen your brand.

At this stage of the funnel it’s important to introduce your brand, identify their problem and how you can solve it.

Middle Of Funnel

The middle of funnel is out first level of re-targeting. These people have looked at products on our website but haven’t added to cart or purchased.

With these ads we want to overcome an objection or offer an insentive.

Think about any objections your website visitors may have to making an purchase on your store.

They be worried about:

  • Fit
  • Lead time
  • Material
  • Size
  • Shipping costs
  • Returns policy
  • Price

So use your ads to overcome any forseen objections, or provide an insentive to head back to your store.

Bottom of Funnel

At the bottom of funnel we’re going to re-target anyone who added to cart, but didn’t check out. These people are a really warm audience as they have been onto your site, found a product they liked and taken the next step towards purchase.

In these ads we want to encourage people to come back and check out. You can highlight things like free shipping, interest free payment options or offer an insentive to check out now.

So that’s a very basic 3 stage funnel. what you highlight at each stage of the funnel will depend on your product and your audience but the idea is to introcuce your product or brand, overcome any objections or offer incentive and then remind them to check out.

There are many other campaigns you can add to your funnel to such as a thank you campaign, cross-selling campaigns and special occassion campaigns.

if you’re not using re-targeting it’s time to start! Let me know if the comments below if you’ve been using a funnel or if you’re about to start! Any questions just post them in my secret lair!