Facebook is a visual platform and a big component of a successful Facebook ad is the creative. You want an image or video that stops people in their tracks and demands attention. So if you don’t have a big database of images and video of your own product you can use, where can you go to get them? First thing’s first – where can’t you get them? Well if you’re guilty of going to Google and searching for an image and grabbing one from the search results, you have most likely ripped off someone and breached copyright. Taking an image from Google is a BIG NO NO! So that’s that, no Google! Let’s take a look at some of your options that won’t get you slapped with a lawsuit!

Stock Images

When it comes to stock images there are free sites, cheap sites and expensive sites! Keep in mind stock images can be purchased by many other businesses so try and put your own spin on the way you use the image so you are getting across your brand message and not just blending in with the same image. Also try and avoid images that are too “stock imagey!” There are some sites that have some pretty cool images, not your usual stock image feel.


stock images for social media Unsplash is one of my favourite sites, it’s completely FREE and has a lot of different images from photographers all over the world. This site is a way for photographers to get their work out there and doesn’t have the usual stock image feel. The only downside is the search functionality is not great so it can be hard to find exactly what you’re after. Try using the Explore and Collections tools to browse images.


Pexels is another great free stock image site with many contributing photographers. Like Unsplash, photos on Pexels can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use and the photographer doesn’t have to be credited – although it’s always nice. You can also head to https://videos.pexels.com/ for stock video files.


Pixabay is yet another free stock image site with contributions from many photographers. Although these can all be quite similar there are different contributors so you can search all three until you find what you’re looking for.

Deposit Photos

Deposit photos is a paid stock image site and has more of your typical stock image feel to it. I use this when I need a certain generic image, they also have Vector and video files. It’s search functionality is much better so I can usually find what I am looking for. I keep an eye on App Sumo and buy Deposit photo credits when they bring out a deal such as 100 images for $39! Keep an eye on the site they usually run the deal a couple of times a year. You can also buy monthly subscriptions from Deposit Photos and the nice thing is if you don’t use your credits they carry over to the next month.


If it’s stock videos that you’re after Videvo has you covered. Register for a free account and then go for it downloading free video footage and motion graphics. Great for footage to add to your own videos. They also offer music and sound effects if your putting together your own videos.

Do It Yourself

If you’re looking to create your own photos or videos for your Facebook and Instagram ads these are some sites that could help.

Creative Market

Creative market is a great resource for not just stock images but all sorts of digital design files such as fonts, backgrounds, templates and more. If you’re looking to put together some lifestyle images creative market has some awesome templates where you can add in your own product such as photo frames for prints and T-shirts for drop shippers that don’t have product images. It is a marketplace so all items are priced by the owners but tend to be very affordable.


Canva is an awesome tool for creative images, and now gifs. you can upload your own images or choose from their large selection of free images or purchase a premium one for just $1. There is a premium version of Canva for just $10 a month which allows you to save templates, upload your own font files and set up colours. You also get a lot of the premium photo elements for free. This makes life a bit easier if you use it a lot.
If you’re looking to make videos for Facebook or Instagram ads, or even just your posts Shakr has some great templates available. You simply slot in your own photos or video snippets to a template you like. You can change up the text and colours and boom you’re done! It’s a quick and simple way to make animated videos without any fancy schmancy software. Shakr are a certified Facebook partner so you can rest assured they offer quality designs that even Facebook love!
If you’re looking for a professional image or video that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg you can’t look past Jeff Minnichbach. Jeff specialises in creating photos and videos specifically for Facebook and Instagram ads and he and his team produce over 200 images a month! If you’re buying in bulk images are as cheap as $30 each! For that price why bother to do it yourself? I always order at least 2 design variations for each ad so I can split test them. You simply order the package you’re after – from 1 image to 20 (you don’t have to use all your credits at once), then let them know what it is you’re promoting, who your audience is, any brand requirements such as colours and fonts, where you’re sending people and provide any elements you want them to use them KABOOM – they get back to you will eye catching professional images or video. I’ve been using Jeff for over a year now and he’s one of the trainers in the eComm Accelerator so I can highly recommend him. If you have product images but no lifestyle shots Jeff is great at creating realistic scenes by piecing together stock image backgrounds. In the below example Jeff only has the product image. Both the bench and the family in the background are seperate images pieced together to make a lifestyle image.
If you have other great stock image or video sites that you recommend let us know in the comments below!