Social Media has a lot of great purposes – keeping in touch with friends, staying up to date with news & events, marketing your business… oh and fooling people on a large scale on April 1st.

Some business put in a lot of effort to fool their fans today! Here are a collection of posts that appeared in my Facebook news feed this morning.

Bulk Nutrients released Bulk Protein Beer!

The Team at Bulk really went all out with their April Fools prank. Not only did they have a believable back story to the creation of the product they set up a real product page on their website allowing people to place a pre-order for the beer. Sadly when you clicked to order you were greeted with a page explaining that you couldn’t really buy the beer however as a thanks for trusting them so much the gullible few did receive a coupon code for free protein pancakes!


Lorna Jane announces LJ Hound Range coming soon!

Lorna Jane the loved ladies fitness apparel brand announced ‘LJ Hound’ active accessories for dogs! The sad part is I think if this were true they would have sold heaps! #MoveNourishBark


Tough Mudder introduces Baby Mudder!

If anyone has done a Tough Mudder event before you know just how hard core these things are!! To think a baby could do it certainly made me laugh! I did like the way they placed the babies in all the typical scenarios even electrical wires!


Feel safe with the Zombie Outreach Response

It was great to see the Police getting in on the fun today. My local state police announced The Zombie Outbreak Response Unit! Good to know “These units will be rolled out should intelligence of an apocalyptic event reach our radar”

The Big Vegemite

Not sure this one is such a bad idea! We do have some big icons around Australia why not the iconic Vegemite?

Rekorderlig Perfume

If this one smells as good as it tastes then bring it on! Rekorderlig joins the perfume industry!

There were plenty more floating around today, if you spotted any between playing Pacman on Google maps be sure to link to them in the comments.

Happy April Fools!