April first is one of my favourite days of the year. I love waking up, going on to Facebook and seeing what business have come up with for April Fools. This year I asked people in my group to post their favourites, here’s a collection of them:

Tough Mudder

My doggies would love to do this!

Virgin Australia

How great would it be if this one were true!


We all know the jingle, now you can watch the musical “down, down, prices are down”!


IKEA announced FLIKEA… one hopes it’s not a flat-pack plane!

Tasmania Police

Police van / ice cream van with donuts and coffee! I look forward to seeing these on our streets!


KFC didn’t have too many people fooled when they decided they were adding an extra ingredient to their secret recipe.

ME Bank

Who doesn’t love a free snag?

University of Melbourne

Now this is a course I would love to study!


Sushi from an unlikely source!

Cold Rock

This is one flavour combination I don’t want to try!

Krispy Kreme

This would be so much fun!

I love the effort these companies go to bring us laughs on April Fools! If you’ve seen another great post let us know in the comments below 🙂