So often Facebook announces a change and people go off on a whirlwind spreading misunderstood information and encouraging panic amongst page owners! It’s like Chinese whispers at school when you started off with one message and by the time it got around the circle the message was completely different!

The latest victim of this Facebook panic is their recent announcement to clean up likes of “inactive users”. Now at first I thought this was going to take away page likes from people who aren’t active users of Facebook and quite frankly I as really excited about this! Yes it would mean less likes but what’s the point of your organic reach being wasted on people who don’t use Facebook. I would love it if Facebook were to take this step and remove my fans who aren’t actually using Facebook.

However much to my disappointment, this update is only relevant to “memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts“. This means it will only affect people who have deactivated their Facebook accounts or have passed away and had their Facebook account memorialised. These people are not going to be able to interact with your page so there is no point in you counting their likes!

false facebook info

Please stop sharing this picture! It’s cringeworthy and sparks unnecessary panic amongst page owners.

There was one lady who commented and tried to point out the facts and the page owner responded to say “But only a small percentage of my fans are seeing my posts”. This has nothing to do with the above change and everything to do with their organic reach algorithms. Read my previous blog post for more information on that!

The effect will start taking place on the 12th of March so you may see a “small dip” in Facebook like’s but for most businesses, I would think you will hardly notice it at all.

For Facebook’s announcement click here.

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