This is day 1 of our 7 day ‘Love Live Challenge’ designed to get you loving Facebook Live!

What’s the Challenge?

  • Every day for 7 days I provide a specific Facebook Live challenge
  • Go Live that day in your Facebook group or on your Facebook page
  • Share your Live video on this thread in the Secret Facebook Business group.
  • Use the Hashtag #LoveLiveChallenge in your description

Download the cheatsheet for this Live video

Today’s Challenge: 3 Top Tips

For today’s live broadcast your topic is “My 3 Top Tips For [insert your topic]”

The top 3 tips can be about your area of expertise, relate to your business, or just be 3 top tips relevant to your target market.

Don’t spent too long dwelling over your topic, it’s not the purpose of the exercise. The idea is to get you started with Facebook Live and to pick a topic you’re already comfortable talking about.

Watch the Day 1 video here

We have already had some great Live videos today from participants. They all did such an amazing job! Take a look below and support those doing the challenge as they conquer their fear of going Live.

Challenge Videos

Sam – LOIS. Magazine

Vesna Personal Stylist

Lalita – Stress Free Fast

Karen – Real Energy Food